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Three Ways To Avoid Embarrassment In Rome!

In the Summer of 2016, this is a way late post, I had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful and enchanting city of Roma! Here are a few ways to avoid embarrassing yourself silly like I did!1. Don’t forget to bring a European power adapter and then go have to buy one at the local…… Continue reading Three Ways To Avoid Embarrassment In Rome!

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Houston – The City That’s Never Bored

This Houston Proudness continues to grow and will never get old. Every hip spot I venture out to has an IN YO FACE reminder that you are in H-TOWNNNN. It feels SO great to be home, my GOD! Coming from just living in a city that was constantly grouchy, I can now celebrate life the…… Continue reading Houston – The City That’s Never Bored

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Life Is The Bubbles

Dancing Disney dads and a Castaway BAE. What more could ya want?


Let The Little Things Make You Happy

This is a short and straight to the point post. I’ll try not to babble…. How many times have we had those mundane days where all you can think about is the next time we KNOW we will be happy? Like, I can’t wait until my vacation…. I can’t wait for that sports game… I…… Continue reading Let The Little Things Make You Happy


Loss Or Something Like It.

For those who know me, you wouldn’t expect 2017 to be one of the worst years of my life as of yet. I smile. I laugh. I have good times. I’m positive. I’m chill. I’m “normal”. It’s a facade, for the most part. But I’m getting better. Losing big components of my life in such…… Continue reading Loss Or Something Like It.

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Mad For Plaid

Timeless plaid always catches my eye and I never pass up a plaid purchase. ‘Mad for plaid’ has to be a disorder. I am sitting on a plaid couch as I am typing this. Wow! This Whitley Plaid Shirt Dress from the Olive + Oak collection was one of the first pieces I added to…… Continue reading Mad For Plaid

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Flourishing In Florida – Why Island Time Is Good For The Soul.

Escaping from the impending snowfall and below 40 degree weather was something that was not expected and very last minute. Not too last minute, but I’m the type of person that has to take life as it comes. The just get up and go to Florida mentality was what ended up happening. I don’t think…… Continue reading Flourishing In Florida – Why Island Time Is Good For The Soul.