Mad For Plaid

Timeless plaid always catches my eye and I never pass up a plaid purchase. ‘Mad for plaid’ has to be a disorder. I am sitting on a plaid couch as I am typing this. Wow!

Plaid furniture. Plaid everything. Send help!

This Whitley Plaid Shirt Dress from the Olive + Oak collection was one of the first pieces I added to my Zindigo shop. I waited patiently to wear it on Thanksgiving. My sister and I had a blast playing in the snow AKA posing for pictures and then running back inside. We are from the South after all!

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The material was so soft and felt like pajamas. Next time I might wear it over leggings with my suede booties or my Tory Burch Rubber Rain Boots. SO MANY OPTIONS! Oh, and it also comes in red. Get yours here! Make sure to use code z25 at checkout for 25% off! Happy Wanderings and I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving.



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