Flourishing In Florida – Why Island Time Is Good For The Soul.


Escaping from the impending snowfall and below 40 degree weather was something that was not expected and very last minute. Not too last minute, but I’m the type of person that has to take life as it comes. The just get up and go to Florida mentality was what ended up happening. I don’t think too much ahead when it comes to traveling. I guess I am a little spoiled from the Flight Attendant life. When the chance of staying at a nice condo on the beach of Sanibel Island presented itself, we definitely took it. The great thing about traveling to new places is simply this- your preconceptions are punched in the face with the reality. You see places for what they really are instead of what you always believed. I am addicted to that punch in the face.


The first day out of our three day trip consisted of walking the beach to a happy hour spot. It was so nice and warm with no humidity in the air which wasn’t expected since I always sweat my soul out when I visit my dad in Orlando. Let me just say, the seashells in Sanibel are incredible! You literally walk on a blanket of seashells. I am now an official seashell collector.dsc_1517



More from our first day…


Point taken!!


Beautiful sunsets never get old. They seem to look different and have a unique beauty everywhere you travel.

The second day was amazing for my mind, body, and soul. We spent the morning on Captiva Island eating breakfast and we met up with my boyfriend’s friend who manages the famous artist Robert Rauschenberg’s twenty-acre estate! He took us on a golf cart tour of the grounds.


The Fish House


Where Rauschenberg lived

On our way back to Sanibel Island, the boyfriend surprised me with a quick stop at the Bailey Matthews National Shell Museum and I was so excited! Did you know that the shells start out as tiny little babies and you can tell if one is a teenager or an adult? Woah!


The lady who worked there said I was the epitome of a tourist. I felt honored. What a compliment! Can I be a professional tourist, please?!

Once we got back to our relaxing digs, I managed to drink half of my weight in water (hydration vacation). We then biked from our condo to Tarpon Bay Explorers to kayak through the mangroves! I love the water and I LOVE kayaking. Some of my first memories are in my dad’s old kayak off the shores of Mexico. Experiencing a nature filled mangrove trail was epic and unexpected. Like I said, we planned each day as the hours went by.


Back at the condo, we migrated to the beach to catch our last sunset. The beach was filled with people taking pictures. I wish it was mandatory to watch the setting sun every evening. Just sit with your friends and family and watch the sun go down. Let’s make that happen!

Excuse me but there is a man in my sun.
Blanket of shells
This was made to look geeky.

Our last day came quickly and we stopped at the The Sanibel Island Lighthouse before heading to the airport. I am a nerd when it comes to lighthouses ever since my obsession with the original Pete’s Dragon started.



As we made the quick journey back to the car, I realized there was so much sand between my toes and soon I would have to put my socks and boots on in preparation for Minneapolis. Instead of vigorously wiping and washing my feet, I just left the sand as is. Whatever. Classic example of not wanting a vacation to end. We wanderlusters have our quirks! #NOREGRETS!



Take some time to get away from the grind even if it is for less than 72 hours. Sand, shells, and sunshine are the best mood enhancers. Promise.

Happy Wanderings,


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