Life Is The Bubbles

I would rather go on three more Disney cruises in my lifetime than 10 more times to Disneyland or Disney World. Yeah, I said it! This 5 day cruise has completely blown me away into Neverland + Wonderland + Triton’s Palace + Arendelle + New Orleans + Radiator Springs + EVERY Disney setting you can ever imagine!


After we got settled in our staterooms, we had the ocean view stateroom while my dad and his wife had the Verandah room (wow), we quickly hit the official SAIL AWAY DECK PARTY! It was like a Disney rave with all of the characters! The exact moment the ship set sail is when we all danced our Disney tails off! Dancing Disney dads everywhere! In this time i learned something so new about myself which is this – MY FAVORITE THING IN THE WORLD NOW IS WAVING GOODBYE TO ALL THE LITTLE LAND PEOPLE! It is the cutest thing waving goodbye to strangers and making them wave back at you! Faith in humanity restored! Ha!


That evening at 6:15 we attended a show called The Golden Mickeys. IT. WAS. PHENOMENAL! Musical numbers from pretty much EVERY Disney movie we all grew up watching. 101 Dalmations, Pocahontas, and the Lion King to name a few. It was like being on Broadway. I died of happiness and came back to life many times throughout that show!

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Oh and by the way, we had zero internet on board and all communication was through a Disney app which also had many activities/ shows/ plays/ itineraries/ to choose from. I loved it! Zero social media, emails, etc. YES!



For dinner we ate at Animator’s Palate while videos of animation of Disney movies played in the background. We had the same head server and assistant server EVERY night on board even at different restaurants! They knew where they were taking us the next day and the next day and it was just so magical! They instantly became our best friends! I miss you Arjay and Zelton! Let me just say that the Disney Cruise Line staff is behind EVERY enchanting moment you experience on the Disney Cruise Line and they most definitely deserve all the praise. They truly go above and beyond. I have NEVER experienced anything like it! I mean obviously some of the magic comes from good ol’ pixie dust too.


Another magical observation – each time you go back to your stateroom to change for dinner or to go to sleep, your host leaves your room in pristine condition with new surprises left here and there! Invitations, thingamabobs, hanging monkeys made out of towels, pirate coins (booty), chocolate, itineraries for the next day, etc. Also, the channels play old Disney movies and newer Pixar movies on loop. It was pure Disney bliss.


In total I watched Cinderella, Beauty And The Beast, Dumbo, Snow White, Princess And The Frog, Bambi, Finding Dory, 101 Dalmations (2x), Alice In Wonderland (2x), and Cars (2x).  I wasn’t even in the room that much but we still had our nightly and morning movie sesh! Again, absolute HEAVEN!


Okay another magical observation (i can keep going with these) on the ship – every hallway at every moment had the right volume of Disney movie songs playing at all times. How perfect was it to sing along to Pocahontas while heading to the British pub! Wait…. wow….. the irony of that! I’m not kidding, that seriously happened! 😂


I was SO happy. Speaking of pubs, there were a handful on the ship. I met DJ Alex at Castaway Cay! He was so my Castaway BAE! Alex, if you are somehow reading this, my Instagram handle should be attached to this blog. Hit me up! Ha! He usually spun at Azure onboard! There is a misconception that the Disney Cruise is just for kids. That is SO not the case! It’s fun for all ages!


Okay speaking of Castaway Cay!!!

I literally said to everyone around me- “If i died and went to Heaven, THIS would be it.” There were twice the amount of towels, chairs, and tubes for each person on board so the Island was TRULY a paradise! Amazing buffets, self service ice cream machines, slides in the ocean, bike rides, observation points, characters everywhere, the yummiest margaritas! I’m not just saying that because I love Tequila…. they no doubt go to infinity and beyond with EVERYTHING!! Not having to worry about having money with you was also such a great perk. The food is inclusive with your cruise ticket and we had a “key to the World” card if we wanted to purchase alcohol.

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I’m totally skipping ahead with this blog post and forgot to mention what we did the second day so I’m basically just going to do a timeline. I just wanted to get all of those splendid moments out of my head while it was still fresh.

Day 2: NASSAU BAHAMAS! Bahamian beer! Sweltering hot (i loved it)! Bay street which is like the Rodeo Drive of the Bahamas. Shopping. playing in the Ocean. I saw Atlantis from a distance! A handsome British man asked me to watch his stuff while he went for a dip in the Ocean and I swear I was blushing for like 10 minutes and hoped we would get married. Did I mention Bahamian beer??! So light and delicious!

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Day 2 6:15pm Show: Magic Show with John Cassidy! He was hilarious! Great with balloons and heckling children! Look him up!

Day 2 Dinner: TIANA’S PLACE! The moment I was waiting for!!! I took a selfie with Princess T and we instantly became best friends! I told her she was currently my favorite Princess and she suggested we order the beignets with chocolate espresso sauce. It was a match made in BFF Heaven! After we finished our authentic Southern cuisine, a parade broke out and everyone including the servers formed a New Orleans dance party! Mardi Gras beads were flying and Disney dads were doing the limbo! I could not stop giggling! It was honestly the BEST time I had aboard the ship!


Day 3: Castaway Cay!!! (refer to above)


Day 3 6:15pm Show: Disney Dreams! An ensemble of Disney movie songs and performances! It was too cute!

Day 3 Dinner: Tiana’s Place for Pirate Night! Everyone was dressed up. EVERYONE! All the Disney dads! It took me a moment to realize WE were the pirates of the Caribbean since we were in fact sailing in the Caribbean. Doy! It was also my dad’s Birthday so we celebrated by opening his 15 year old bottle of wine at the table. Magical. He had an amazing time! After dinner we headed up to the Pirate Night Deck Party! Dude – after the dance performance, Mickey seriously zip lined across the ship and fireworks started going off over us and the ocean. IN-CRED-I-BLE! I couldn’t help but wonder what the sea creatures were thinking about hearing that loud racket and seeing bright lights in their usual pitch black quiet skies!

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Day 4: Day At Sea! We got to roam around and choose from SO MANY THINGS! We laid by the pool, snacked, and sipped on a few Pina Coladas. Rum on a cruise = life changer! Then we watched the 2:30 showing of A Wrinkle In Time! I loved it!


Day 4 6:00pm show: FROZEN – The Musical! Walking into it I honestly didn’t know if I would be impressed since I’ve seen the movie many times and thought how many times can they keep Frozen going like this? You guys IT. WAS. DELIGHTFUL! The acting was superb! The singing was AMAZING! The special effects were mesmerizing! It ended up being my favorite show of all four nights! I gave them a standing ovation as well.

Day 4 Dinner: Triton’s! French cuisine! Escargot! Pasta and salmon to die for! DESSERTS!!! Enough said.


Day 4 bedtime: Disaster strikes! My little brother got motion sickness from the intense choppy waters and ended up puking all over our state room! Dramamine and housekeeping to the rescue! I fell asleep to the smell of vomit and the sounds of Snow White. Still better than my average day on land living my regular life.

Day 5: Disembarkation  – Breakfast and a final goodbye to Arjay and Zelton. The rest is just post Disney cruise depression honestly. I will surely miss those dancing Disney dads too.


“I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing — that it was all started by a mouse.”


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