Houston – The City That’s Never Bored

This Houston Proudness continues to grow and will never get old. Every hip spot I venture out to has an IN YO FACE reminder that you are in H-TOWNNNN.

8th Wonder Brewery

It feels SO great to be home, my GOD! Coming from just living in a city that was constantly grouchy, I can now celebrate life the way it’s meant to be celebrated! Good food, good people, good booze, good times, good original music, good sports, and good vibes.

Present Company 🌴🌴
Pitch 25! My favorite bar honestly! ⚽️🙌

This isn’t the city that never sleeps, it’s the city that’s never bored. On any given day you can look up anything to do…. and I mean ANYTHING! Outdoor movies in Hermann Park, night time Yoga, a festival, a grand opening, parties at the zoo, pop up DJs on a patio bar, concerts, conventions, a sporting event, etc. My head is still spinning.

White Linen Night in the Heights
a’Bouzy on Westheimer
The new Etro in Downtown! 💃
Mein Restaurant- China Town

To wrap all of this up, I just wanted to tip my cowboy hat to the #HoustonStrong #CityOfSyrup #HTOWN #Brewston #WorldSeriesChamps #Screwston #BeSomeone and any other hashtag about Houston that is so well deserved! This post hardly scratches the surface. Stay tuned for more H-Town “fun & foodie” adventures! 🙌

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