Three Ways To Avoid Embarrassment In Rome!

In the Summer of 2016, this is a way late post, I had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful and enchanting city of Roma! Here are a few ways to avoid embarrassing yourself silly like I did!

1. Don’t forget to bring a European power adapter and then go have to buy one at the local shop and get lots of judgment stares. Naive Americans! The 8 Best Power Adapters to Buy for European Travel in 2019

2. Don’t try to order your fancy shmancy Starbucks concoction at the Caffe bars. More awkward stares. Just stick to an Espresso. How to Order a Coffee in Italy Without Sounding Like an Idiot

And most importantly….

3. Don’t wear Nike sneakers and gym clothes around the city!!!! Fashion trumps comfort in Rome. You might be walking miles and miles on cobblestone but damnit feet blisters are far better than sticking out as an American tourist! Never again I tell ya! Better yet, get cute Birkenstocks and pair it with a flowy dress. Just prepare your outfits… it’s ROMA for gosh sakes! By day three I adapted and was shopping on Via Condotti with the best of them. These super lightweight Birkenstocks only cost $40 — but they’re just as comfortable as the leather kind

There you have it! Short and sweet. Don’t be like me! 🙂 Grazie dell’ospitalità Italia!

Until next time. 🖤

– Tina

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