Three Ways To Avoid Embarrassment At Candytopia!

Candytopia Houston was SWEEEEEET! Pun is SO intended! I had the pleasure of checking it out the night before it opened doors to the public. So to continue on with my embarrassment theme I’ve got going, here are three ways to avoid it when visiting the amazing Wonka factory replica! 🍭

1. Don’t forget to wear shorts under your dress or skirt!

If you’re like me, you will be jumping about! Marshmallow pit! Excitement! Sugar rush! You get my point! Also, a lot of the photo op stations have you in certain poses so just make sure to wear pants, shorts, rompers, or shorts under those dresses.

2. Close your mouth when entering the confetti room!

I spit out about five pieces of confetti! I don’t know if this is really a bad thing, I certainly enjoyed it. If you don’t like paper in your mouth though, here is your warning! 🀣 This could have only been my personal problem though because my mouth was open with excitement the whole time! πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸŽŠ

3. Don’t down a Pixy Stix like you’re six years old again unless you want to transform into the Incredible Hulk in front of bystanders.

Need I say more?

That’s a Pixy Stix in my hand… NO REGRETS! 🀣

I hope you guys enjoyed my short but sweet blog post! What was your favorite part of Candytopia?! 🍭🍬 Anything embarrassing happen to you too? Haha! Comment below!

-Christina πŸ™‚

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