A New Era ✈️

A short update on life….

I woke up with a notification that my blog billed my annual fee. Oh, that stings. It’s the last thing I need knowing that every dollar of mine counts right now. Flight Attendant life starting out is a major challenge. I guess this is a good time to hop back in the blog game. It’s weird, when my life didn’t have much going on I had SO much to say. The past two years have been non stop change and experiences and ironically I have nothing to say. Topics I could touch on…..

Surviving my third and final Flight Attendant training

Commuter life – it sucks

Life lessons – mid thirties edition

Planning my first solo trip

My new infatuation with afternoon tea

When I thought I was going to die in Summer 2021 – the scariest moment of my life

So that’s all I’ve got right now. Maybe this is me trying to wake up my enthusiastic self again. So thanks WordPress for charging me this morning. It was nice to come back to this little corner of my World. 😊

– Tina

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