Let The Little Things Make You Happy


This is a short and straight to the point post. I’ll try not to babble….

How many times have we had those mundane days where all you can think about is the next time we KNOW we will be happy? Like, I can’t wait until my vacation…. I can’t wait for that sports game… I can’t wait for my friend’s wedding….

It’s like we save up all of our happiness for the big moments and let our “normal” days fall by the wayside.

I try to distribute the contents of my happiness tank any way I can on a daily basis.

I found a pretty seashell = OH MY GOSH I AM SO HAPPY!

I had the tastiest spaghetti = OH MY HEAVENS I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!

I made someone smile = CAN I BE ANY HAPPIER?!!!


You get my point…..

If you say or think to yourself that you ARE in fact HAPPY, believe me it physically improves your mood. When YOU are happy, it helps people around you be happy. It’s definitely not easy for me sometimes but this is what I try to live by to be……..HAPPY!

Okay I think I’ve said the word “happy” a million times by now.

Peace out guys!


Happiness is a decision. – Micheal J. Fox



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