5 Things I Carry On Me At All Times As A Flight Attendant

These are a few of my favorite crucial things I have to have on me while working a typical flying day. These are added to the REQUIRED items that every crewmember must have. Without these 5 necessities, I feel strange. Here they are in no particular order.

Browzings by Benefit – Doubles as the much needed pocket mirror.

It’s imperative to check your face before being up close and personal with arriving and departing passengers. I do a lot of quick checks. Also, if your eyebrows are NOT on fleek, you have a chance to fix them!

Ginger candies or mints

An issue i sometimes have is feeling queasy while working. The altitude, constant movement, no time to eat, etc. These are a life saver! Ginger has soothing effects when it comes to motion sickness or an upset tummy. I usually pop these in my mouth every few hours and the rest is smooth sailing flying.

Book I am currently obsessed with this month

I am currently reading Sully about the miracle on the Hudson. We are able to read non company material as long as we constantly check on passengers. I HAVE to have a book with me or I feel naked. It is fascinating reading this book while working. It is very relatable. Weird fact – there was a page about an emergency landing in Sioux City, and I just so happened to be flying into Sioux Falls Airport. What are the odds of that?!


I need fuel CONSTANTLY. Enough said. Especially on the 7+hour duty days. They started making Luna bars with less sugar which is a miracle. Nuts Over Chocolate is the tastiest in my opinion.

Lip balm or chapstick

This is personally my favorite lip balm. I often switch back and forth to Burt’s Bees chapstick since putting your fingers on your lips is not so sanitary in the flight attendant World. Even with our endless amounts of hand sanitizer and wipes, germs are EVERYWHERE. But if i had to choose my favorite, Minted Rose is simply Heaven. It is perfect for the changes in temperature and for the dry lips caused by this lifestyle.


I hope you enjoyed this little blog post. What are your 5 must carry items to have a functioning day at work?

Happy Wanderings!



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