Urban Cowgirl – Things I love about Texas weddings.

I just had a fabulous weekend in my hometown of Houston, TX. My boyfriend attended his first official Texas wedding and was so impressed. I had my two-stepping fix, which was desperately needed. I consumed a baked beans on bread BBQ dinner, admired some cowboy boots, and line danced. Best of all, I witnessed my…… Continue reading Urban Cowgirl – Things I love about Texas weddings.

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Surly you can’t be serious?

As a Southern states girl, I had a misconception of Minnesota. Cold. Bland. Cold. But my God, I fell in love with it immediately. Something about feeling safe, feeling included, feeling the NICENESS. I just can’t get enough. The events, festivals, parades, ┬árestaurants, businesses all have a wholesome and welcoming feel. Texas, Arizona, and California…… Continue reading Surly you can’t be serious?